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Human Resources (HR) has gone through an image change in recent years. Now it is often referred to as People and Culture (or People Operations, Team Member Experience and Happiness Office!).

From Human Resources to Human Assets

'Human Resources' has traditionally described the office for administering payroll and keeping employees in line. This is no longer relevant in many businesses: the trend is now to invest in staff learning, experience and flexibility and improve workplace culture.

Empowering of employees has changed the focus for managers. It has changed the perception of employees as resources to be managed, to instead encouraging their development as valuable assets.

Business owners know how expensive it is to hire, train and manage employees. Most have been burnt by the experience of a new employee leaving soon after recruitment and having to start again. It can be difficult to change from a mindset of considering employees as interchangeable 'resources' (a lot depends on what sort of work is being done by the employee), but if you want to get out of the cycle of staff turnover, Spindle can help. 

Workplace Culture, Policies & Practice

Spindle Consulting works with owners, directors and managers, as well as employees, to establish workplace policies and procedures that support an organisation's People and Culture goals.

Spindle has experience in recruiting (aka 'talent acquisition'), performance management (aka 'performance development') and termination processes (aka 'how do I fire someone without getting hauled over the coals by Fair Work?').

Spindle advocates for practical, easily-understood workplace policies in place, as well as an overarching strategy that encompasses the role employees play in your organisation. These provide much-needed guidance and procedures for what can sometimes be difficult decisions.

Change Management goes hand-in-hand with People and Culture, particularly with the impact on Workplace Culture.


Soft Skills?

'Soft Skills' is a soft term for these set of crucial skills, as they touch on rather important aspects of social, communication and collaborative skills.

Spindle has a special interest in the development of soft skills training programmes and their role in improving employee performance on teams.


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