Communicating Your Business

All internal and external communication an organisation undertakes should be tied into their overall strategy and values.

When communication goes wrong, it is usually because it is not congruent with company values.

A communication strategy is so much more than advertising. It's reputation. It's building goodwill. It's connecting to your stakeholders, employees and customers.

Examples of communication strategies and actions Spindle has created for clients includes:

  • Networking strategies, including scripts and tips, for local health professionals
  • Changes to channels & methods for engaging with association members for different purposes.
  • Performance management scripts and guidelines to help employers navigate reviews, recruitment, probationary periods, exits and promotions.
  • Style guides for employees to standardise communications with customers.
  • Content for websites and social media.
  • Long-term marketing strategies in reputation building and establishing markets.
  • Terms of reference and guidelines for committee meetings and governance policies and procedures.
  • Defining the why/purpose/reason for being of organisations in meaningful ways for various stakeholders.

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