Directing Your Business

There is a reason why small and medium businesses who take the effort to create a business model and undertake strategic planning, do better than those who don't: It is difficult to make decisions when you do not have all the information at hand.

While smaller businesses might be able to grow organically without much planning initially, there will come a time when they will need to review their business direction. As they grow, or become more established, they become more accountable to their customers, staff, stakeholders and ensuring the longevity of the business.

The fact is that all businesses - small/large, for profit/for purpose, and everything in between - benefit from good planning.

Strategic Planning

Values-Based Strategy

Spindle Consulting specialises in developing strategic plans based upon company values and intention (purpose), which can be integrated into all aspects of an organisation's activities.

A values-based approach is obviously suitable for social enterprises and not-for-profits, but is equally valuable to businesses where profit is a driving force.

Cookie-cutter approaches to strategy are not particularly effective. If you want actions that reflect both aspirational and practical goals, you need organisation-wide input to focus energies and resources towards meeting goals.

Consultant and Facilitator

Engaging a consultant or facilitator to review or drive planning can provide a great opportunity to get an outsider's perspective. Spindle Consulting works with different types of businesses to guide owners and directors through business model options, business plans and strategic planning.

Whether it's a review (or rejuvenation) of a mature business, a regular governance-driven process for a not-for-profit, or a small business taking the plunge in an attempt to work smarter, Spindle has the resources to help.


Ready to make some business decisions?