Make Better Business Decisions

Use Data Wisely

Owners, managers and directors need to have a good handle on their business in order to make clear, confident business decisions.  It is difficult to make decisions when you do not have all the information at hand.

Getting the foundations of your business right, with a clear business model and plan in place, gives organisations a head start.

The collection of data, information and market research is integral to the process, but so is the analysis. Knowing what weight to place on certain data, and its limitations or bias are just as crucial.

'Data' is experiencing a buzz-word renaissance at the moment. It needs to be treated carefully.


Getting the Right Systems in Place

Effective organisations have the right combination of systems, procedures and workplace policies in place.

These ensure consistency, efficiency and accountability.

When businesses grow organically, or haphazardly, many of their processes develop as reactions, rather than strategic actions, and can cause inefficiencies in operations over the years.

A regular review of operations, processes and policies can reduce inefficiencies, enhance HR relations and provide organisation-wide focus on overall strategy.

Leading, Managing, Owning.

The distinction between leading and managing is much debated, but they both require ownership of actions.

As soon as a business grows larger than a single person, accountability comes into play: whether it's to employees, members, shareholders, or stakeholders. Company directors must be aware of their governance role and the responsibilities it entails.

No matter what the hierarchy on your organisational chart says, everyone in the company is responsible in their own way for implementing company-wide strategies. Therefore the organisation needs clear, strong processes and policies in place to ensure accountability, too.


Create Business With Purpose

Spindle Consulting works with business owners and directors to review the foundations of an organisation (the model, plan & strategic direction) and its frameworks (systems, procedures and policies).

Without these a business risks market loss, poor resource management and irrelevance.

Create a confident company direction, with:

  • Better data-driven knowledge about your own business
  • Workplace policies that protect your business & enhance employee engagement
  • Improved, sustainable supply chain & process management
  • Strategic communications and stakeholder management
  • Decisions that reflect company values & best practices

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