Holistic Business Strategy

The use of the term 'holistic' to describe an approach to business is still feared a little by those who worry about its other connotations.

"We're not some chamomile-tea-sipping-homeopath-pill-popping-hippies!"


Don't be Afraid of the Whole

Yes, there are other words more palatable to the business world to describe the same processes and thinking: Integrated. Consolidated. A whole business approach. Unified. Entire. Entwined. Intertwined. Interwoven. Inherent. Etc, etc.

It's recognising that a business, or organisation, is the sum of many parts, but also that if you change one of those parts, it can impact others. This can happen in positive, negative and sometimes unforeseen ways. Some changes seem to happen organically, some are designed, but they are often complicated by the actions (or inactions) of the collection of human beings that make these legal bodies (i.e., companies).

Whatever you call it, the process of holistic business strategy centres on recognising the integrated components of a business, and their dependence and relationships on and to one another.


Get Perspective


As business models have been breaking away from the siloed operational structures of the past, and change management has become the go-to for business revival, an awareness is required to anticipate, recognise and assess the impact on other areas of the business.

Whether this is launching a new venture, changing strategic direction, introducing workplace policies or changing processes or people, it's important to look at the business from different perspectives.

Many are quick to jump onto a 'technical' problem that needs fixing in one aspect of the company, so specialists are engaged and things are changed. This can be at the cost of addressing a more 'adaptive' challenge that requires attention, time and resources, but which will ultimately have a bigger impact in the business overall.

Change Focus

How often have you focused so hard working on one element, only to step back and see that it's out of alignment with everything around it? (graphic designers will understand!)

This is why Spindle Consulting takes a holistic business approach. It suits our 'neo-generalist' skills and expertise to understand a business fully. When you need advice or a different perspective for the direction of your business, you want to trust that they have considered all aspects of your business. As a whole. Holistically.

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