Does your business have a purpose?

Spindle creates pathways for organisations to adapt to change.

+ Not-For-Profits

NFPs play a unique role in our community and economy.

We can help facilitate strategic planning, review operations and funding models, as well as communication & membership strategies. We can also conduct policy analysis & develop submissions on behalf of NFPs.

+ Small & Medium Businesses

We work with business owners to develop evidence-based strategies, with the clarity and vision needed to get your whole team on board. Our vision is to make business simpler to manage, with supportive business management services.

+ Organisations With Heart

We help develop business modelling, strategic design and management practices for organisations who want to make a difference - whether they are social enterprises, community organisations or businesses looking to make a difference.

NFP Consultant

Spindle provides ethical, independent advice for NFPs, including policy, advocacy and stakeholder management.

Not-for-Profits (NFPs)

Non-profits, Not-for-profit or for-purpose organisations play a unique role in society. 
Although they don't have shareholders NFPs often have a rather complicated stakeholder group. A NFP Consultant can address the wide variety of needs and expectations from stakeholders who often place a lot of pressure on decision-making and action-planning.

Returning to the foundations of the organisation's purpose and values, and reviewing levels of transparency and governance, can better guide NFP managers and directors in their decisions.

Adaptive change and stakeholder communication strategies are a strong focus-point for Spindle, as a NFP Consultant.



Professional Member Associations face many challenges to maintain their relevance to members.

Association Management

Member Associations require strong membership strategies to build and maintain connection to their members. Valuable resources are stretched in order to cover NFP Association activities, which may include general advocacy activities, public relations, government policy submissions, and providing general membership benefits. As an association management consultant, Spindle has experience across membership strategies, in the creation of both tangible and intangible benefits.

Spindle Consulting has over a decade of experience in association management, and appreciates the challenges that non-profit organisations face, particularly with the number of stakeholders involved.

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Professional Advice

Create momentum for your business. Get the right systems in place to make business better - for you and your customers.

Professionals & Practitioners

Spindle Consulting has worked extensively with health practitioners, lawyers and engineers to support them with independent business advice. From solo operations to multi-disciplinary practices, such service providers benefit greatly from regularly reviewing how their business model is working. 

We work with professionals who want to revive their business, or who would like to change the direction of their company to better reflect changing needs. Often the owners have grown the business organically over the years, but don't feel entirely in control of the future direction of their own company.

The services industry is constantly changing. Spindle can help professionals rejuvenate a stagnant business model, improve management processes and develop better employment practices. Even small business strategy changes can make an immense difference to how your practice can operate.

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General Business Advice

Confused about business direction? From general business advice to small business strategy, Spindle can help.

Small Businesses

Reseach shows that small businesses benefit greatly from good business modelling and strategic planning. It helps owners avoid feeling stuck in a stagnant business.

As businesses grow or change, so do their requirements, including operations, employee practices and financial management. Spindle helps review the foundations of a company, and will co-design or facilitate a tailored small business strategy that supports and grows your business.

Spindle Consulting works alongside business owners to develop unique small business strategies in line with company purpose and values. Direct operations, stakeholder management and resources with clarity and vision and get your whole team on board.

Purposeful Business

Working with core purposes, governance and management structure, as well as accountability.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are taking off around the world, disrupting the idea that businesses should operate purely to turn a profit. These entities push traditional business model boundaries by re-defining business purpose.

Spindle can assist social enterprises with business modelling, strategic design and management practices - whether just starting out, or for mature organisations wanting to make more meaningful changes to their model. We have a special interest in for-purpose and social enterprise consulting.

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Governance & Strategy

Spindle can support schools and other organisations with a number of strategy and management issues.

Schools & Community Organisations

Schools and community organisations are expected to adhere to good governance practices. They are often held up to higher scrutiny than other sectors due to the level of trust that society needs to place in such organisations.

Spindle Consulting has experience with a range of issues faced by schools, community-owned childcare facilities, community organisations and health providers in the public sector. We recognise the frameworks that such entities work within, and the policies and processes that govern them.

From strategic planning, change management and communication strategies that cross all stakeholder groups, Spindle can work with managers and directors to move your organisation forward.

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