Strategies for Associations need to encompass membership renewal/acquisition opportunities, diversified funding options and governance.

In Australia, associations have been facing lower membership numbers and worsening retention rates for the last couple of decades. They are also subject to legal requirements which can make it difficult to adapt the organisation to societal changes. Associations rely on professionals - in management, ITC, marketing and membership services - rather than the declining number of volunteers that used to pitch in. Consumers also expect professionalism from their associations, and prefer to see value for their fees, rather than simply knowing that they are supporting a representative body. Spindle Consulting can help associations:
  • analyse governance requirements and board composition
  • review structure, staffing & processes
  • research financial diversification alternatives
  • redefine the association's relevance and value to members and society

Facilitated Strategic Planning

strategies for associations

Spindle can also facilitate your next strategic planning meeting and support the resulting plan's implementation. With over ten years' of association and not-for-profit experience, Spindle Consulting works with boards to create strategies for overall direction, membership retention and growth, advocacy requirements, communication and process management.   Find out more about strategies tailored to your association's needs and contact Spindle Consulting today, or fill out the form below for a call-back: