Creatively logical.

Spindle Consulting provides thoughtful, ethical, evidence-based advice for meaningful progress.

Spindle Consulting for a different perspective

Creating Momentum for Meaningful Progress

Spindle Consulting is driven by the values of:

  • healthy, ethical business practices
  • connecting purpose, people & progress
  • sustainability – environmentally, financially and individually
  • shared knowledge and open communication

What is meaningful progress?

As Dr Jason Fox puts it, in his book ‘How To Lead A Quest’, meaningful progress is ‘the antithesis of stagnation and decline’. It allows you to design a strategic direction that will provide long-term value and relevance for your organisation. It is also a huge motivator for employees and stakeholders.

Having an experienced, outsider’s perspective of how your business is functioning can be extremely valuable. Habits are sometimes difficult to see past, let alone change, but their impact can be felt for years if they allow complacency or stagnation to set in.

This is where Spindle Consulting comes in, to create the momentum that organisations need to make meaningful progress.

A word from the Director: Elissa Doxey

Elissa Doxey, Business Management Consultant, MelbourneSpindle was created with the aim of establishing a whole approach to business consulting that takes into account purpose, strategy, culture and progress.

With a background in the arts and a head for business, I incorporate creative thinking and logic to simplify processes and solutions. Inspired by the challenge of mixing strategy with culture to design work that has purpose, I focus on long-term impact, rather than short-term fixes. Preferring a collaborative style that encompasses ideas and feedback from clients, I have extensive experience in managing ICT projects and business operations, stakeholder relationships, membership strategies, marketing, HR and legal analysis. My years in senior management have been balanced by experience in the front-line, so I understand first-hand the challenges of organisation-wide communication and the pitfalls of strategy implementation.

My qualifications include a Master of Business Administration (Public Management) from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre) and many years of learning, questioning and advising.connectonlinked