Connecting purpose, people and progress.

Whether you are starting from scratch, stuck in a rut or about to retire, having a strategic direction will help.

strategic direction

Connecting with your Strategic Direction

Most businesses and organisations are too busy to properly focus on strategy.

Strategy might take the form of a planning session once every three to five years and ends up in a neat diagram of tasks and wishlist items. This list then stays filed, under “Strategic Planning” and referred to occasionally for a board meeting.

This is not what strategy should be.

A strategy is a considered plan of action to increase the chance of success in achieving a goal, or goals, when conditions are uncertain and resources limited. It is not simply a checklist of things to do over the next three years, but a strategic direction to head towards in pursuit of those goals. And the goals might change.

In recent years the focus has been on ‘agile’ strategy to allow flexibility for external environment disruptions.

Spindle Consulting works with businesses to develop strategies that they can aspire to and realistically work towards. Implementing a strategic direction into business processes, communications, policies and frameworks requires a thorough appreciation of how the actions of the business work together through purpose, people and progress.

This is what we term a ‘holistic’ approach to business management consulting. Spindle collaborates with owners, managers and directors to set your business up for long-term strategic success.


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