A whole approach to business.

An organisation is the sum of many parts which are inextricably linked in a good business model.


Strategy Consulting

Spindle Consulting uses a range of modelling, research methods and analysis tools to tailor advice specifically for your organisation, and the people who rely on it.

From an analysis of financial, performance and market data, through to reviewing operations, processes, people management and policies, Spindle will build a complete picture of where your business sits, and then work from there to look at the potential opportunities available for growth or rejuvenation.

What to expect

An initial consultation will be scheduled to discuss immediate business needs and the challenges your business is currently facing. Further details regarding operations, marketing, ITC, finances, etc may also be discussed.

Spindle Consulting will then create a scope of practice proposal to work from and depending on location, further communication can be undertaken face-to-face, via Skype or email.

Spindle works on a project fee system, not a percentage of generated profits, and clients are informed of fees at the outset tailored to requirements.

As well as strategy consulting, Spindle works with businesses on:

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