Small and medium-sized businesses often feel they don’t have the luxury of strategic planning – there’s too much to do! Yet strategy for your small business can provide a tremendous opportunity to assess the value of your business and its activities.

Yet, you don’t have to copy the way large corporations do it, and in many ways it’s easier for smaller businesses to do it flexibly. Spindle Consulting can facilitate the development of your strategic direction over a couple of shorter sessions in line with your business needs. This may also work for medium-sized enterprises where it can be difficult to get the necessary people together in one room for a whole day or more.

Why have a strategy?

A strategic direction can help direct your efforts, energy and scarce resources. Without a strategy, you will find staff overloaded with ‘busy’ jobs that don’t add value to the company, and generally spreading yourself, your staff and your business, too thinly to make meaningful progress.

Having a strategy, or direction, helps you to focus on decisions that will add value to your organisation and align with your overall strategy. No matter what stage of the business lifecycle your company is at.

However, even well-designed strategies won’t work unless they are implemented properly, and done so throughout the organisation. Communication is crucial in order for the strategy to exist beyond the beautifully typeset planning document. Spindle Consulting can help develop your unique strategy and facilitate that direction through operations, processes, people & stakeholder management, as well as customer experience.


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