A whole-business approach to management.

A holistic approach to business.

Plans & Strategies

Does your business need to work on its direction and purpose? We design business plans and strategic objectives to be easily implemented throughout your organisation. Keeping focused on the key activities, we look at how processes and resources align with company values.

People & Culture

We work with organisations to improve workplace policies, HR and employee engagement. Spindle Consulting can also design communication stategies for internal and external stakeholders.


We analyse all aspects of your communications (including marketing) and design strategies to help you deliver your message to all stakeholders.

Business Management

Spindle Consulting promotes best practices for leadership and management. From issues such as governance and reporting, to performance management, promotion and recruiting, we look at current and future trends to determine the best fit for your organisation.


Whether it's workplace policy, public policy or advocacy, Spindle Consulting can produce a position that represents a fair and accurate evaluation, along with proposed improvements.

Business Reviews

What stage of life is your business at? No matter how long a business has been operating, organisations can benefit from an in-depth review of how they are tracking.

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