Business Planning & Strategy Design

Business Planning & Strategy Design

Spindle Consulting takes a holistic approach to business planning and strategy design. This means we consider the whole of the business, rather than just one or two aspects.

Developing business strategies requires creative, critical thinking to adapt unknown variables into future directions to further growth, success and flexibility.

Spindle Consulting incorporates a hands-on approach by co-designing strategy that can respond to the changing environment. We help businesses develop strategy frameworks based on values of the organisation, which are agile enough to not feel outdated in 3 years’ time. With a focus on people-led implementation throughout the organisation, everyone can work towards the same intended outcomes.

We can help design digital, marketing and communication strategies, guide your organisation through Change Management, and provide a facilitator for your next strategic planning meeting.

Change Management

Change Management

Sometimes businesses don’t like change. Employees often don’t either.

However, technology is forcing businesses to adopt changes in order to keep relevant. Change Management requires a people-centred approach to understand the impacts on stakeholders, and arrange a smooth transition that accommodates the questions and fears that people may have in adopting those changes.

Spindle Consulting works with organisations to manage changes in line with your organisation’s strategic direction and objectives, whether these be in technology, organisational structure, staff training or communications. We determine whether changes require a technical and/or adaptive approach and work with managers and staff to ensure success.

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Business Processes

Business Processes

All business processes should add value to the end product or service.

Too often, businesses get bogged down in ‘busy’ work which adds no real value, or habitual processes that are no longer relevant. Redefining business processes to align with strategic direction is an integral part of ensuring your organisation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Spindle Consulting utilises BPMN (Business Process Modelling & Notation) to map processes and analyse efficiencies, duplication and waste. Research into best practices and future trends, as well as the overlap into employee management and organisation strategies, provide an evidence-based approach to improving and managing business operations.

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People & Culture

People & Culture

People and Culture Management has become a forward-thinking focus for HR executives.

Cultivating a diverse, healthy culture in your organisation can increase a company’s productivity and goes hand-in-hand with the successful implementation of strategic actions and changes. Spindle Consulting can analyse the ‘structures, artefacts and rituals’ influencing the culture in your organisation and work to drive improvements and remove roadblocks.

With vast experience in HR, performance management and upskilling, Spindle Consulting can assist organisations in all aspects of people management and cultural support.

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Board governance plays an important part in defining a company’s strategic direction. The board’s role in developing a strategic direction for an organisation should be a collaborative one, with the executive management team. As directors, the board members contribute valuable external experience and identify risks and budgeting issues which can help shape the direction that management needs to take.

Contact Spindle for help with:

  • Strategy facilitation
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Director and board performance management
  • Reviewing governance structure
  • Board capabilities and responsibilities


Policy Research & Development

Policy Research & Development

Policy plays an important role in how businesses are run.

Government policies and regulation have far-reaching implications for businesses, not-for-profit organisations and community groups.

Spindle Consulting offers policy research and analysis, as well as the drafting of submissions and responses, as a service for organisations lacking their own dedicated policy officers. Identifying the scope and challenges of public policy in collaboration with the organisation and its key stakeholders, Spindle Consulting can produce a position that represents a fair and accurate evaluation, along with proposed improvements.

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