Adapting to business challenges and changes.

The sheer speed at which technology is changing our lives is mind-blowing. How can businesses keep up?

changes in technology business challenge

The Evolution of Business

The way we communicate, consume and conduct ourselves is leading to major shifts in society, and therefore business.

The challenges facing businesses these days require creative, yet practical, solutions. The evolution of the global marketplace has changed many of the traditional aspects of business management, with a marked shift to a more people-centred approach.

Spindle Consulting works with organisations to design strategic frameworks to address future needs of the business, reviewing processes that may be detracting from core capabilities and checking the overall health of your company. It’s a hands-on approach that works with you every step of the way: from research & analysis, design and implementation, right through to follow-up and review.

Creating meaningful, long-lasting improvements are supported by Spindle Consulting’s driving values:

  • Healthy business practices – better profits, healthy finances, streamlined processes, happy customers, life balance and ethical governance.
  • Making connections – with stakeholders, employees, the community and ourselves
  • Sustainability – of personal energy, longevity of the business lifecycle, financial stability, and of course, environmental
  • Shared knowledge and open, honest communication

This holistic approach to organisational management and design differentiates Spindle from many other consultancies, as the aim is to enhance your business structure with meaning and purpose.

Spindle Consulting offers ongoing support to ensure clients make the most out of their strategic decision-making for long-term benefits. Strategy is not a quick-fix solution, and it requires a long-term approach to properly address business challenges.

Spindle Consulting collaborates with a range of other service providers, like specialist accountants, marketing directors, graphic designers, ITC consultants and executive coaches for referral if necessary.


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