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Spindle Consulting focuses on socially responsible, environmentally-aware, ethical practices. We work with organisations who want to make a difference, whether that's to their customers, members, employees, community, or the world at large. If your organisation has a strategic challenge, we want to work with you.

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Sustainability has become a priority for all organisations, no matter what their role and carbon footprint is. Consumers want to know how business activities impact the environment and the steps being taken to mitigate this. Spindle can help organisations rethink costing and operational strategies to make such changes to processes, supply chains, or product life cycle and waste management.
Social impact is redefining what a business can be in our society. Businesses no longer have to be solely for profit or not-for-profit: they can be anything in between.  Donating a percentage of profits to charity or a cause, or sponsoring events is a popular form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for businesses of all sizes. However, the incredible growth of social enterprises in recent years has shown the variety of ways businesses can make a positive social impact. Is your organisation pursuing B-Corporation accreditation, or wanting to contribute to the community? Talk to Spindle.
Whether it is governance, employee wellbeing or operational trade-offs, ethics are playing a more important role in organisations. While values and missions/visions are touted on company websites, Spindle Consulting can help organisations integrate these meaningfully into overall strategies, processes and decision-making.  Research shows a diverse, healthy organisational culture not only increases employee satisfaction, but also improves productivity and innovation. Spindle promotes ethical and sustainable business management services.

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Spindle Consulting will be releasing its White Paper on The Challenge of Changing A Business Model soon
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