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Make Business Meaningful.

After all, there's more to business than profit.

How is your organisation impacting future resources?

Consumers want to know what a company's footprint is, and how business activities impact not only the environment, but society.

Whether it's a decision to go paperless, designing a sustainable supply chain, or perhaps managing the way products are managed at the end of their usable life - Spindle can help.

From a financial perspective, businesses also recognise that financial sustainability is important to ensure long-term viability and move into activities promoting corporate social responsibility.

Whether pursuing B-Corporation accreditation, or wanting to contribute to communities and causes, social impact (or corporate social responsibility) is redefining what a business can be in our society.

Whether it is governance, employee wellbeing or operational trade-offs, ethics are playing a more important role in organisations.

While values and missions/visions are touted on company websites, Spindle Consulting can help organisations integrate these meaningfully into overall strategies, processes and decision-making. 

Research shows a diverse, healthy organisational culture not only increases employee satisfaction, but also improves productivity and innovation.

Creative, logical business solutions.

Spindle simplifies strategy.


Leadership, management & business strategy consultant.


10+ years advising health, arts & not-for-profit sectors.


Promoting ethical, sustainable business strategies & practices.

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